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Three Great City Beaches

Three Great City Beaches
Feb 15th, 6:03 am Admin

The Beach intu Lakeside is an inland beach, away from the coast. It has all the ingredients a beach needs, like sand, sun and water, but is handily located in the city. There are famous city beaches all over the world and we have listed three of them here. These sprawling cities have glorious beaches on their shores, much like The Beach intu Lakeside!  

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is known as an exciting and vibrant city, and recently hosted the summer Olympic Games. Its beaches are world renowned and include Copacabana and Ipanema, among others. The locals love spending hours at the beach, either relaxing on the sand, enjoying a cocktail in the sun, or kicking a ball around with friends. Beach goers regularly leave everything at home and pop out for a quick dip or surf. The waves can be quite ferocious at times, so make sure you hold on to your Havaiana flip flops!

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Famous for cuisine, culture and architecture, Barcelona’s sandy coastline is a bonus to an already glorious city. The Sagrada Familia cathedral is among the architectural gems in this city and with tapas galore and an endless stream of bars, there is no shortage of things to do. People can access the beach via the metro, which runs right along the coast and throughout the rest of the city. This beach is as convenient as they come!

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Nestled between the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmer climes of the Indian Ocean, Cape Town’s beaches offer unrivalled variety. From calm rock pools, where the water is warm and pleasant, to the fierce, chilly waves of the Atlantic, perfect for surfing, there is something to suit a range of seaside tastes. The city is trendy and fashionable, giving visitors and residents so much to do and see. The picture postcard is completed by the beautiful Table Mountain that overlooks the city.

So while The Beach intu Lakeside may not have the surfing spots of Cape Town or the tapas of Barcelona, it does have the benefit of being a beach by the city, complete with rides, food stalls and a variety of other entertainment options. The sand is golden, the water is refreshing, and there are more entertainment options than you can imagine. Come and join us at The Beach intu Lakeside this summer!

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